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On a daily basis, real estate owners, and realtors have to handle data in bulk which comes from various sources. Real estate process involves clumsy data such as property management, clients data management, legal documents, tax and insurance data management and legal files.

Such data needs to be accurately and precisely taken care of by professional experts.

As a renowned outsourcing firm for 15+ years, Abacus Data Systems have built a team of talented people who can work towards achieving your real estate goals. Our experts can seamlessly manage your real estate clients’ data, property data, legal documents, and other important real estate data.

Whether it be documents related to POA (Power of Attorney), tax-related data, land & property management, or legal documents, we have got you covered with all types of real estate data entry services.

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real estates data entry services

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Real Estate Data Entry Services

Types of Real Estates Data Entry Services We Offer

Streamline your Real Estate Data Entry Tasks with Expert Assistance

We have a skilled team who serve our overseas clients. With our highly skilled experts having a good grip in offering tailored solutions leaving zero errors and 100% accuracy.

They precisely check all the important real estate documents such as property docs, legal documents, property tax data, mortgage data, and lending papers of clients and agents.

Our experts are well versed in syncing and managing property data of your client and real estate agents.

Have a glance at the key data our experts look at:

We provide premium-quality real estate data entry services with an outstanding record of zero error occurrence and timely deliverance. Here are the services we offer in this segment.

Property and Legal Document Management

Experts carefully inspect crucial property and legal documents and double-check whether the data has been accurately input.

Real Estate Legal Document Filing

Abacus Data Systems uses a robust data entry process backed by expert professionals, guaranteeing accurate results on time and on budget.

Sales and Purchase Invoices

Our expert professionals precisely scan every sales and purchase invoice in paper format. Then, each invoice is converted and digitized.

Data Extraction Services

The Abacus Data System team of experts utilizes advanced tools to store your property-related data, plus they excel in extracting data of what our clients need from any given format.

Data Entry of Sales Records

With quick sales record management for making the information of a sale available to your staff. It can help you analyze trends, demographics, and things such as sales records.

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Our Real Estate Data Entry Services Include

We cater our outsourcing services with round-the-clock support regardless of any time zone and country in which you are outsourcing data entry services to us.

What We Promise With Our Outsourcing Data Entry Services for Real Estate?

It takes absolute dedication to succeed in the real estate market – which requires back office efforts as well. We’ll take care of your real estate data entry needs so you can focus on your primary responsibilities. Count on our company to handle all your back-office tasks.

With our experienced specialists, you can get dependable data entry from printed/handwritten documents, online resources, PDF documents, digitally signed documents format, or even scanned photos into Excel, according to your needs.

real estates data entry services

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