OCR Services Ease Your Data Transcription Process For High-Quality Results

OCR is a revolutionary technology that has made data extraction from documents faster and easier. We at Abacus provide a comprehensive suite of OCR services that can help reduce manual labor and increase efficiency. We offer various options, such as document scanning, data extraction, and automated indexing, to help you capture and store information quickly and accurately.

Our advanced OCR technology can transform paper-bound document or image files like PDFs, JPGs, and TIFF files into machine-readable data. This data can then be used to create reports, search queries, analytics, and more. So whether you need to convert a single page or an entire library of documents, our OCR services are the perfect solution for your needs.

OCR Services

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OCR Scanning Services

Overcome Data Complexity With Our Innovative Solutions

It’s really hard for businesses to manage the scanning, extracting, and indexing of documents, along with maintaining data confidentiality. We at Abacus understand this challenge, and we provide a complete set of capabilities to help you manage documents effectively.

Our OCR scanning services experts are experienced and knowledgeable, and our cutting-edge technologies, coupled with manual spell-check processes, ensure high-quality results with accuracy.

We can provide customized solutions for your specific needs designed to save you time, effort, and resources. When you partner with Abacus for OCR services, you benefit from our well-defined workflows, secure infrastructure, and flexible approach to implementation.

Our end-to-end solution includes the following stages:

Scan docs

Our OCR scanning experts will scan your documents using high-quality scanners to ensure maximum accuracy. If there are PDFs or other image files, we scan them to create a digital copy.

OCR Scanning Docs
OCR data extraction

Extract data

Our advanced OCR algorithms will analyze the document and extract all the relevant information.

Validate data

Automated OCR process does not always provide 100% accurate results. Our experts manually review the extracted data and make corrections if needed to ensure accuracy. We also perform a manual spell check and proofreading to guarantee the highest quality results.

OCR Data Validate
Formatting OCR Scanned Data
OCR Scanning Services

Formatting data

After ensuring accuracy, the data is formatted and organized so it can be used for the desired process. We also deliver print-ready versions if print material is to be preserved for future use.

Index documents

The last step is indexing the documents according to predetermined parameters so they can be easily accessed in the future.

Index documents
OCR document indexing

Our OCR conversion experts ensure that the data extracted is clean and accurate and is exactly what you need.
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Other Custom Offerings to Add with OCR Services

Our Service Model

Fixed Cost Project

In this model, we work on a fixed-price basis for your project. This model is suitable for one-time projects with well-defined scopes and requirements.

Hourly Basis

This model best suits short-term or ongoing projects with fluctuating scopes and requirements. In this model, you will be charged based on the hours our team works on your project.

Dedicated Resource Team

In this model, we provide you with a team of dedicated data entry experts who work exclusively on your project. This model is best suited for long-term or ongoing projects.

In all our work models, we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact and will keep you updated on the progress of your data projects.

Our OCR services Include the Following

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Increased Efficiency

By outsourcing OCR services to us, you can reduce the time and effort spent on manual data entry and focus more on your core business activities.

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Improved Accuracy

Our professionals are experts in their field and use advanced technologies to ensure accurate results.

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Cost Savings

Outsourcing your OCR services to us can help you save time and resources, leading to cost savings.


Secure Data

Our secure infrastructure helps protect your data from security threats.

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Flexible Approach

We understand that every business has different needs and objectives, and we provide a flexible approach to implementation that ensures you get the best results.

OCR Scanning

Global Reach

With our global network, we can provide OCR services to clients in any part of the world.

At Abacus, we are committed to providing top-notch OCR services that bring value to your business. Our risk-free trial offer enables you to test our services before committing. Contact us today to learn more about how our OCR services can help your business.

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