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Does the task of performing image data entry slow down your business’s pace? Retrieving images packed with crucial data—from sketches on paper to detailed artworks, digital snapshots or charts —and cataloging them into a database requires high expertise.

Sometimes, recurring image data entry work may even force your organization to increase your workforce strength, which can eat into your earnings if managed internally. That’s where Abacus Data Systems comes into play. By teaming up with us for your image data entry tasks, companies, big or small, can smoothly tackle these challenges

As a globally recognized provider of image data entry services, our role is to expertly collect, protect, catalog, and access your image data. Our expert team adeptly handles a variety of image formats, such as JPG, TIFF, RTF, PDF, and GIF. We’re dedicated to processing substantial data entry services images swiftly and accurately, always meeting tight deadlines to promote your business’s efficiency and growth.

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Image Data Entry Services Offered

With decades of experience in outsourcing, Abacus Data Systems has become a trusted name in Image Data Entry Services. Our team is also skilled in essential data checks and clean-ups

Here’s what we offer when you choose our image data entry services:

Image Capturing

We can turn any image into digital form, no matter the source. Be it paper or pixel, we handle documents, drawings, snapshots, handwritten notes, and more, ensuring not a single bit of information is missed. Our wealth of experience in diverse image capture technologies means you get swift and straightforward digitization

Scanned Image Data Entry

We assist companies in translating scanned image content into electronic data, ready to be stored, worked with, and reviewed digitally. Our scanned Image Data Entry services are a perfect fit for sectors keen to digitize their physical records or imagery into a computer-friendly format.

Online and Offline Image Data Entry

Utilizing cutting-edge tools such as OCR and ICR, we capture data from images with 100% accuracy, online or offline. This thorough approach allows us to ensure the data you need is fully usable and accessible, with no manual input needed.

Catalog Data Entry

Images within catalogs and brochures carry crucial information for informed decision-making. Our data entry experts are committed to overcoming any obstacles in this process to deliver lasting and effective data entry solutions.

Image Data Sorting

Post-data capture, we organize the information by format, content, size, and usability. This structuring makes the data easy to access and maintain for future use.

Image Data Keying

We meticulously assemble metadata for images, arranging it as per your needs to support hassle-free retrieval. This structured approach significantly cuts down on mistakes, ensuring you get accurate and easy access to your information when you need it.

Image Data Indexing

We index your image data, creating an organized system that allows for quick searches and eliminates unnecessary data duplication.

Multi-format Image Data Conversion

Our capabilities include processing multiple image formats, such as GIF, PDF, TIFF, and RTF. We deliver the data in whichever format you prefer, from Excel to Access or other databases.

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Image Data Entry Services Process

We pride ourselves for delivering best online data entry services at great prices. Quality is key for us, and we have a clear step-by-step process to make sure you get the best service:

Why Outsource Image Data Entry Services to Us

Choosing Abacus to outsource image data entry services offers you a suite of benefits:

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