Full Time Dedicated Staff

It’s pretty easy to get started with our offshore staff hiring process. First, you need to provide us with your required human resource information and the job description. Then, we will either provide you with the available staff from our existing pool of human resources or will recruit new employees based on your specific job requirements.
“You will be able to have direct access to your staff.”

The dedicated professional outsourcing staff works collectively as a unit in our productive work environment with a large pool of like-minded, skilled professionals with total commitment, honesty & sincerity, keeping in mind the in-time delivery of the assigned task. Abacus helps you to scale your business with ease, effectiveness, and convenience by hiring dedicated remote staff. The hired full-time human resource will be responsible for reporting you daily from our office located at Rajkot.

Our dedicated staff will work from our office at your convenient timings. Just located remotely, they will skilfully serve as an extension of your local team. You will be able to keep in direct contact with the remote staff (through phone, Skype, and email) and the remote staff will work based on the procedures and standards you define. Abacus has evolved as a prime destination to hire the most talented offshore human resource. You now have got the exciting opportunity to hire the best dedicated remote staff who will work full time for you to boost your work processes, enhance your productivity and improve your business results.

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We find you top talent then help you establish and drive your team

Simple Process

We provide dedicated remote staffing solutions to suffice your human resource needs efficiently.

You give us your job requirements.

Just detail us about your staff requirements

We hire skilled professionals

We provide services of talented staff

Your dedicated staff reports you daily

Staff reports you daily from our remote office

We handle the office operations

We ensure the quality performance of remote staff.

We test and verify the quality of the employed remote staff before recruiting for your job. We manage all the paperwork & employment terms and provide the remote staff with the best infrastructure, technology, and facilities. We also ensure staff retention and continuous quality assurance. The remote staff works from our offices with a large pool of talented professionals who share a bond of commitment and quality, keeping in mind in time delivery of the assigned task.

Benefits of Choosing Abacus

Abacus Data Systems delivers exceptional offshore staffing solutions such as outsourced I.T services and provides you with a staff of the highest standards.

Higher Profit Margin for you
Global Outreach
Greater Quality Assurance
Distribute Risk
Improved Efficiency
Scale Quickly and Easily

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