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Organizations must handle many day-to-day operations, including invoices, surveys, applications, patient records, etc. Managing all these forms accurately and on time can take time and effort.

Abacus Data Systems offers a streamlined solution to process structured and unstructured forms with precision and speed. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the latest technologies and can extract data from documents quickly and accurately. We can process forms by entering data manually or through tools depending on the complexity of the task.

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Outsourcing Form Processing Services To Reduce Errors And Improve Efficiency

Form processing is a complex task and requires expertise to ensure accuracy. At Abacus Data Systems, our team of experts has the skills and knowledge to deliver reliable services that exceed your expectations. We make sure that all forms are accurately processed in the shortest possible time frame and in required digital formats, including XML, CSV, TXT, CRM, or any other required format.

We are proud to offer cost-effective services that enable our clients to streamline their processes while achieving long-term success. By outsourcing your form processing requirements to us, you can save both time and money. 

Our Services

Abacus Data Systems provides a wide range of form-processing services that include:

Subscription Order Processing:

We help businesses that offer subscription-based services with subscription order processing and renewal. We handle all payment-related details, ensuring easy tracking and managing orders.

Subscription Order Processing

Claims and Lawsuits Form Processing:

We are experts in claims and lawsuit form processing. Our team can easily extract the required form field from all legal documents and provide database analytics to enable data-driven decisions.

form processing services

Credit and Debit Card Form Processing:

We specialize in handling various credit and debit card forms, including applications, renewals, disputes, etc. We have the expertise to deal with complex information, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

credit card processing

Payroll Processing:

Save your staff time and energy by outsourcing your payroll processing services to us. Our team will accurately enter data from forms and manage all related activities, including pay slips, deductions, and more.

payroll processing

Patient Records and Medical Form Processing:

We process millions of patient records and medical forms, including prescriptions, diagnosis reports, and more. Our services help healthcare providers to manage patient records and data efficiently and easily.

medical report form processing

Survey Form Processing:

A survey is the best way to collect customer feedback about your services and products. This helps you improve customer experience and increase satisfaction. 
Abacus helps organizations by extracting survey data and generating meaningful insights through analysis.

Stages of survey processing include:

Design and creation Data setup Data entry Data validation Analysis Report generation
form processing services

Insurance Claim Forms Processing:

Secure your business against potential risks with our insurance claim forms processing services. We can help you reduce your administrative burden by managing the process of submitting, tracking, and verifying claim forms.

Insurance claim form processing
form processing

Other form Services we Offer

Ready to outsource form processing to the experts?

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Ready to outsource form processing to the experts?

Fill out your project brief, and we will get back to you with a proposal

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Our Service Model

Fixed Cost Project

In this model, we work on a fixed-price basis for your project. This model is suitable for one-time projects with well-defined scopes and requirements.

Hourly Basis

This model best suits short-term or ongoing projects with fluctuating scopes and requirements. In this model, you will be charged based on the hours our team works on your project.

Dedicated Resource Team

In this model, we provide you with a team of dedicated data entry experts who work exclusively on your project. This model is best suited for long-term or ongoing projects.

In all our work models, we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact and will keep you updated on the progress of your data projects.

Why Make Abacus Data Systems Your One-Stop Solution?

Abacus Data Systems is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality form processing services. With our expertise and experience, we are confident you will get the best value for your money with every project. 

outsource form processing services

Our Simplified Process

We have a set process for form processing services at Abacus Data Systems. 

Our commitment to customer service has enabled us to establish strong relationships with clients worldwide in various industries.

Our Simplified Process

We have a set process for form processing services at Abacus Data Systems. 

Our commitment to customer service has enabled us to establish strong relationships with clients worldwide in various industries.

Our Unmatched Benefits

Assured Data Security

We are committed to data security and use only the most advanced encryption techniques. We have implemented sophisticated measures to safeguard sensitive data against unauthorized access or breach. We also have dedicated accounts at FTP and VPN servers to ensure safe and secure data transfers.

Professional Workforce

Our team ensures accuracy and quality while carrying out any form processing project. We also offer internationally compliant solutions that meet your industry's legal requirements.

Customized Solutions

Every industry has its own set of requirements and rules. We can customize our services according to the specific needs of your business.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing models ensure you get the best value for your money with each project.

Make your data work with Abacus Data Systems’ Form Processing Services. We can help you overcome data challenges efficiently and easily to help your business succeed.

Contact us today to get started! 

Our Work

We strive to deliver the best to our clients. Take a look at a few of our works:


Startup companies need to focus their resources and efforts on core business activities, and outsourcing their IT needs is smart. From database creation to software development, Abacus provides comprehensive IT solutions tailored for startups at an affordable cost.

Abacus offers a range of IT services to help established businesses streamline their processes, improve performance, and reduce costs. 

So whether you want to make your online presence stronger with web development services or get better insights into your customer behavior with analytics solutions, Abacus has you covered!

The cost of IT outsourcing varies depending on the scope and scale of the project. Our team can provide a tailored quote to find the best solution for your needs.

Yes, for all our IT services, we assign a dedicated project manager to coordinate with you throughout the project. In addition, our team of experienced IT professionals is available round-the-clock to ensure your needs are met promptly.

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