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ADS Overview

Abacus Data Systems is leading business process offshore outsourcing organization located in India, that enable companies to leverage and add value to their business operations with the help of information technology.


Fast paced technological changes and broader range of tools improve the ways business can be managed. There is ever changing definition, scenario and practices of information technology enabled and optimized business. We work with large enterprises that need migration from older data-document formats, tools and/or technologies to newer and better. For small to medium sized organizations that want to offshore outsource their business processes to India, we have broad range of services. Also, we are capable to provide custom tailored BPO services that can benefit our clients.


Abacus Data Systems believe in Collaborative Global Economy which allows every shape and size of organization to benefit through optimized information technology enabled outsourced services. Best Practices, Process Maturity, Skilled Workforce and Broader Experience allow us to provide efficient and effective operations that allow our clients to grow and optimize their business while maintaining lower cost of business operations.


With the insight and significant technological exposure, Abacus Data Systems has derived effective process, service and quality models. We have worked with every shape and size of organizations, we have understood and implemented their requirements, business processes and every little detail that matters most at each stage of business.