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Quality Policy & Practices at ADS

"Quality is conformance to client's requirements." - That is how we understand quality at Abacus Data Systems.


Offshore outsourced work requires commitment to quality because volume, frame of reference and thus process always has differences at client side and at processing unit. Here arises the opportunity to define the process requirements and output in detailed and measurable ways.


Right from the infrastructure level we have kept quality in mind. Stable and efficient operating environments along with various tools are the base.


For all the offered services we have measurable input requirements as well as output quality. In case of custom services we carry-out extensive requirements analysis and define the process. The process defines the measurable quality of the output with the help of test data. In most of the cases process improvement is carried-out to further improve the output results.


Our workforce is equally passionate about quality. They put strong emphasis on each step of the process. All of us at Abacus Data Systems knows, Quality is not an instance but the process. And, we are committed to it.